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Croozed Hot Pick: Post Secret A gallery of postcard-sized images posted anonymously to unveil a secret. Shared confessions in art form.
Croozed selected: Cool So it’s three in the morning and your computer decided to stop working. Most people would panic and stop working, but the rest of us would check out This computer support company that is based in India is there 24 hours a day and will allow you to troubleshoot through anything that might go wrong with your computer or any other piece of technology. You can either call them through the toll free number and get the help you are desperately looking for, or you can check out the site’s key feature: the iMantra database. This online encyclopaedia of everything that can go wrong withy our computer is sure to get more than one person out of a tight spot. On it, you will find detailed guides and tips on how to get out of tight spots when your computer is concerned. In order to get the service, you have to pay the annual subscription fee. Social networking sites have exploded on the internet today, ranging from many different topical overviews on each one. Therefore, it seems fitting that AroundMe has now been launched, which focuses on your literal neighborhood as your social network. All you have to do is define the radius of interest around your center of location to start building your network. The site is broken up into five categories: Happenings, Neighborhood, Reviews, Classifieds and Deals. Happenings shows what’s going on in your area, whether it’s a cultural activity or something for the kids while the Neighborhood section allows you to connect and form groups with those who are actually living in your surrounding area. Neighbors can write Reviews about local businesses and these same shops can upload coupons to offer to their clientele in the Deals tab of AroundMe. Thus, this site truly encourages communication exchange between local merchants and those citizens who directly affect them, benefiting from one another. AdsGlobe is an online classified portal that allows you to post advertisements in a number of categories. Those looking to publish an ad are able to post on multiple sites with one click and can keep the ads running for as long as they like. Users can also schedule ads to run at future dates and can also gain access to tools that allow them to track how many people have actually looked at the ad. The available categories include an all inclusive Yellow Pages, Jobs and Resumes, Real Estate, Cars, Merchandise, Match Maker, Local events, Travel, and Pets, to name a few. After entering one of the categories, users can perform and keyword search which they can filter to display only geo-relevant results. If you use portable electronic devices and are searching for a site where you can write reviews about those you are pleased with (and complaints for those who don’t meet your expectations), then TopPortables is the site for you. TopPortables offers reviews from real users of everything portable, from laptops to MP3 players. Reviewers can express their opinions openly, giving commentary about what they like or don’t like including star ratings for design, usability, functionality and quality. Future buyers can use TopPortables to search among the reviews to find the best buy and the products that have received the most positive feedback. The website itself is broken up into New Portables, Recent Reviews, Most Reviewed Portables and Categories, and users can also find out more general information about every reviewed portable. At this moment, the homepage features reviews about the iPhone 3G from the user’s perspective. The weak feature that the most popular email clients share is the attachment limit. No matter how much capacity you have to store your emails in, if you can’t send attachments over 20mb, then you’re not doing much. That’s where comes in. On the site, you will be able to send files of up to 2gb of size through email, and receive notifications when they are received. The site is aimed towards creative professionals, who have to send high definition drawings and models through the internet but find that FTP and other popular methods are both slow and unreliable. You can track your files through the page, much like you would track a package through UPS and FedEx. The file request page will allow you to request files from the people who are working from you. This feature will come in handy when you need to make a deadline. Blippr is a media review site that allows users to share movie reviews in 160-character “Blips” and to vote and comment on other peoples’ reviews. Reviews can be written and read at and users can also connect their profile to Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, and other sites to converse about movies anywhere. As a movie review site, Blippr works well but currently lacks the amount of content that is available on sites like IMDB. Interestingly, users are able to favorite media and have it added to their profile and they can also ad things that they really want to their “Wish List”. Another great tool offered is the ability to organize lists however you want to, which is a great way of organizing all of the DVDs that you own. Are you looking for skin care products? Do you want to find quality makeup? This online site provides plenty of information related to this business and the wide selection of makeup and skin care products that they offer customers. It includes a brief description of the history and foundation of Fashion Fair Cosmetics, and the places where these products are available. You will find these items sorted out into different categories including makeup, powders, cleansers, exfoliators, rinses and moisturizers between many others. By selecting the item that you are interested in, you will find their brief descriptions and their corresponding images. The site includes a section where you will find the new products offered by this business. In order to obtain information related to their locations, you can select the state that you are interested in and find the addresses of the available stores. Visit this online site and obtain the greatest cosmetics. While they say a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes a few extra words can make a picture worth even more. Being able to place speech bubbles into photos and sharing with friends has been popular for quite sometime now and Speechable hopes to become the tool of choice for adding speech bubbles to photos. To use the application, simply upload the photos you’d like to add captions to and then use the editor to easily place bubbles where ever you like on the photos and type in whatever text you’d like to add. Next, take your newly captioned photos and share them with friends on Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, your blog or by email. RentalScanner is a well designed site that allows you to search for an apartment in your area with an embedded Google Map. The site has a great selection of search filters which include price range, number of bedrooms, and preferences like whether it is a sublet, pet friendly or for smokers. If you don’t want to use the search engine, simply click on the way points on the map to see the description of each listing. Since there aren’t currently a ton of listings, the latter is probably the easiest way to find a place. The site currently has listings in the United States but the sky’s the limit due to the fact that locations from all over the world can be added.
Croozed selected: Cool RoadTripHelper is a hotel search engine that aggregates results from all the major travel sites including:, Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, and a host of others. Searching with RoadTripHelper is simple and accurate and you can enter an address, city, landmark, attraction, or intersection, and then have the results displayed on a visually pleasing map. The map displays mini hotel thumbnails which can be clicked on to reveal information about each hotel in the area including the price, reviews, photos, and any extra information that has been added. So instead of wasting your time searching through a number of hotel sites, save your time and search all of them at once with RoadTripHelper. Do you have a fresh new idea for a t-shirt design? Do you want to profit from said design and share it with those also interested in something original? At Cameesa, you can do just that by submitting your design to the Cameesa team who then has to approve the design in order for it to appear on the website. Once approved, the artist enlists his/her friends to support the design online in $20 increments. The t-shirt then has 31 days to receive 50 of these increments to reach the 100% guarantee that it will be sold on Cameesa. Finally, the artist can reap the benefits by receiving $500 and a free t-shirt along with a profit every time the shirt is sold online. But that’s not all; the supporters also receive a free t-shirt and profits from sales as well. And they get all of their money back if the design doesn’t get its full support. SpeakWrite delivers quality offsite transcription to clients around the country. This service is available 24/7, and to ensure accuracy and quality, every SpeakWrite transcript is processed by trained professionals located in the U.S. and Canada, without using the voice recognition software. How it works? First you have to record your dictation, and then their typists transcribe the notes or documentation while listening to the dictation. Finally you will receive your typed document in your email inbox, after that you can edit, print, or change your document. All documents are stored in their system for two weeks, so if you lose some document they can resend it to you within minutes. You can learn more about this service by exploring the categories located at the left hand side of the homepage. These categories are: How it Works, Creating and Submitting, Security and Confidentiality, Pricing and Billing, Turn around the Capacity, Features, Tutorial, and FAQ. Want to cash in your old, gas guzzling, cash-losing SUV and get something a little more green and little more fitting the current economy? We all know buying a car is a big decision and the best thing to do is know what you want and do the research. This is where ISeeCars comes in handy. ISeeCars is a brand spanking new little search engine that hunts for used cars. It's got quite an easy interface and a database with over 1.4 million used cars from 2000+ websites. It makes searching for cars a lot easier than sifting through hundreds of classifieds and websites. Right off the bat, ISeeCars gives you the option to search by location (most major US cities are covered), make, and model. Choose each from a drop down list then hit 'Search'. You can narrow your search as well-- choose from mileage, price, etc. Or you can browse the 'Top Potential Deals' and 'Top Moving Sale Listings'. Each listing comes with a handy price comparison and links to various analyses. The site is currently in beta, or DealsGlobe is an extensive web-based portal which brings together a multitude of online vendors to provide some of the best deals available online. The site is available for the majority of English-speaking countries and also in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. Search by an extensive list of categories, merchants, max price, keyword or by most popular listing. Users can rank their experience with either a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” and also leave a comment. A quick glance shows listings to be heavily focused on the consumer electronics space with the majority of listings falling in that category. It used to be taboo to talk about sex, salary and sickness, but as all things do, those taboos are practically a thing of the past. Take salary for example. Young twenty somethings fresh out of college have no qualms talking about what they earn, how much they ought to make, and what they want to make. Yet, the topic is still a little touchy to more the more traditional, rule abiding majority, which is why SpringRaise can help. SpringRaise is a site dedicated to career sharing. If you'd rather take the passive aggressive path to salary stardom, SpringRaise will get you started. You can enter in your career path, goals, salary, and then compare it to others. SpringRaise provides you with a nifty graph showing people in the same industry with similar experience. From there, you can view career projections with different scenarios and you can chart a path for where you want to go and stick to it. The site is currently in beta with a lot of room to grow. is a recently launched business social network with the interesting goal of facilitating new business ventures of a collaborative nature amongst site members. To put it simply, the site allows anyone to propose a business idea which others can then brainstorm together or invest $100 to be a part of a newly formed business based on the original idea. All new ideas can be voted and commented on and the most popular ideas then become implemented as the next joint company. Decisions are made collectively and profits are distributed amongst all co-owners. Decide on staffing and communicate with your employees and other co-owners through blogs and on Twitter. StumbleAudio is your new music discovery best friend. The site is like StumbleUpon, but for tunes. Without ever having to sign up, you can check out over 2 million different tracks based on your genre of choice and the ratings you give each stumbled to song. What’s different about this site from other such popular sites as Pandora and Jango is that you can actually listen to each full track on an album in order without any extra leg work. If you want to look for a particular artist’s sound, they’ll provide you with a list of albums that sound similar to what you’ve entered. From there, you can stumble your way through the various search results, giving the thumbs up or down to each given track, helping to guide you right to the songs you are looking for. Once you’ve found a tune you want to hold onto, you can go to purchase that mp3 or album from one of the various sources they list with each of their various prices included to help you get the best deal. They also give you recommendations by artists you are less likely to know, instead of the typical pop stuff you could find easily on your own. If you do create a user account, StumbleAudio will save your preferences, and you’ll be sure to get to a tasty bit of sound much quicker the next time you visit. If you’re the type of person who tires of picking through news sites like for the stories you want, you probably have already been in the market for a news aggregator. HeadlinesGlobe is one such tool. With HeadlinesGlobe, you can specify which news articles you want displayed on your personal dashboard, which you personalize with your choice of languages, news source (CBS news, CNN, ABC, The Chicago Tribune, etc) and category of story. Each list is divided into category by source, and is displayed in order of the time it was posted. You can directly access each story by clicking on it, which re-directs you to the url of the source and the story itself. To personalize stories in accordance with your own preferences and to choose your sources, you’ll need to sign up for the site (it’s free). Additionally, if you stumble across a story that you feel should be displayed on HeadlinesGlobe, you can submit it to the site yourself.
Croozed selected: Cool We’ve all been there. There’s call you have to make, but you are absolutely dreading dialing the number. Breaking up with your girlfriend, canceling on your great aunt’s birthday party. Or perhaps you just need to get in touch with a friend, but know they are in a place where a ringing cell phone would be a major disturbance. Whatever the situation may be, you’re hoping and praying that the other person doesn’t pick up, or somehow, someway, you get sent right to his voicemail. Well hope no more. Slydial is here to help you do just that. This tool allows you to dial any mobile number and be directly sent to the recipient’s voicemail. No need to fret about the awkward conversation. The recipient will be able to instantly listen to your message, and will also see a missed call with your number on their cell phone screen. Additionally, you also may upload your contact list to the Slydial website and leave voice messages right from your own computer. Binaural beats, in case you haven’t heard, are auditory artifacts or sounds which are perceived when two distinct sounds of nearly similar frequencies are presented to each ear with stereo headphones. The brain processes the sounds, integrating them to produce a third sound called the binaural beat. It’s quite fascinating actually. These beats have been proven to stimulate the brain and even alter mood and behavior. In fact, some believe that binaural beats can be used to induce diverse mental states such as lucid dreaming, telepathy and psychokinesis. They may also enhance learning and improve sleep. iDose is a site which features streaming binaural beats for a variety of purposes. Some of their mixes include Super Brain for problem solving, Coffee Break to listen to instead of drinking coffee, Red Bull for energy, and Mirage for artistic endeavors. Simply select your desired state, plug in your headphones and start listening. Downloading files will soon be available. Fileai is a free solution that allows users to securely share files that are too large to be shared by email. There is no limit on the size of files that can be shared and they are all encrypted for security purposes, and sent directly Peer 2 Peer (P2P). Since it’s a P2P solution, you will need to leave your browser window open while running a Java Applet in order to connect to others and share files with them. Once you’ve chosen the files that you’d like to share, you are given a Transfer ID which you can then share with anyone else in order for them to locate and download the files in question. Your files will never be stored on a server and you will only be able to send and receive when both parties are connected eHarmony is old hat. Despite all the commercials and fanfare, most of the time dating sites don't produce results, especially for those wanting a casual encounter. People who want to a quick fling don't want to pay or take tests, they just want results. FlingMix is one of the new adult personal sites trying their hand at ebusiness. It's location based and is built using the GoogleMaps api. This makes it easy for your average joe to track down a hot something of their liking close to them. Why bother filling out forms or hopping across the country to meet when you can get some local sex? FlingMix is completely free. Users can use the search feature, enter their location, or post a personal ad. Browse as long as you like. Email whomever strikes your fancy and then make the connection. It's that easy. Plus, it's anonymous, no registration required. Mention the name IndyMac or FreddieMac, and you'll likely draw whispers of either fear or loathing. The financial system, which is seemingly tottering on the edge of collapse, has sent many a citizen to draw out their money en masse and start stuffing bedsheets and pillows with their life savings. Yet, there is still some faith in banks, and the government is making sure that the system doesn't go bust. So, if you want to shop around for a new bank, you would do well to try the aptly named BankAround. BankAround is a new search engine that helps you compare bank deposit rates. You'll also find costs of checking, savings, and money market accounts for local banks as well as banks nationwide. It's got a straightforward, easy to use interface: simply enter what you're looking for and hit 'Search Rates'. There's also an Education Center for users to educate themselves on the intricacies of holding bank accounts and other money matters. GIFMAKE is a free web-based animated gif picture creator. To use this tool, users first select and upload a selection of their preexisting gif, jpeg, or png files. These files are uploaded right onto the GIFMAKE homepage. Users then specify the details of the animation, including how many seconds delay they wish to have, and the height and width of the pictures. The last step is to hit the generate button, and the animated picture has been created. Reversely, GIFMAKE can also decompose animated pictures. To use this feature, users upload the animated file. From there, photos can be separated, resized, replaced, deleted, and delayed. LifeinLines is a platform that allows users to keep their friends and family up to date with where they are, how they are feeling, and what they are up to. The site allows users to update their LifeinLines account through email, Gtalk, SMS, Voice, or directly from the webpage, making this one of the more complete social network solutions in terms of supported tools. Another key feature of this platform is that it has five levels of security making it perfect for anyone to choose exactly who they share their online life with. If you are looking for a flexible and robust social network that allows you to update your friends with a variety of applications, then LifeinLines might be just the site for you. The likes of American Idol, that Pussy Cat Dolls show, America’s Got Talent, American Inventor, America’s Next Top Model, and the list goes on and on and on, point to our obsession with reality TV contests. They are thoroughly addictive which is precisely why there’s Amuso, a new online platform which allows all and any to become a reality show top talent (if that’s not an oxymoron). Yes, that means that you too can join in on the real tv circus, becoming a show producer/creator, or entering to become a contestant. Among the current crop of competitions is Next Top Baby, Impersonation Idol, Eurovision 2008 second chance, High Street Model and the Biggest Winner. There are a range of channels covering topics in beauty, comedy, lifestyle, and impact (these are inspirational, beat a disease, kind of contests). Not only can anyone create a show, anyone can win real prizes too. The winners are determined by the votes of registered users only. Presenters also get the opportunity to win awards—every time a new contestant joins, they’ll get 15% of the total prize pool of the show. Something new from the folks at Wikipedia has just been launched by the name Wiki For Us. Advertised as a ¨free encyclopedia about normal and not so famous people¨, Wiki For Us works like the rest of Wikipedia in that users can edit pages of others to create a comprehensive page about each normal person out there. You can create a page about yourself or about someone you know personally, including information about childhoods, achievements and the people who helped shape their lives. The creators designed this website in contrast to other social networking sites to help create a team effort of ordinary individuals who want to share anecdotes of their family and friends.
Croozed selected: Cool Think you've the taste of a cool hunter? Want to find some new cool to entertain yourself? There's no end of sites dedicated to taste making, taste spotting and taste sharing. And TasteKid is a new one to add to the ever-growing list. Like other similar sites, TasteKid provides recommendations based on your likes and interests. The twist? TasteKid has an actual mascot called Emmy, the TasteKid. Emmy is a little Romanian girl who will guide you along the site and provide book, music and movie recommendations for you. Currently Emmy has If you haven’t heard of it before, Musicovery is a refreshingly original streaming music site jam-packed with innovative options unseen on other sites. Landing on the homepage, you are presented with a funky-looking widget that contains a four-sided chart which allows you to select how dark, energetic, positive or calm you’d like your music to be. You can select any one of the options or somewhere in the middle if you’d like to mix it up a bit and then Musicovery will immediately start playing random but quality songs without any delay. With the music playing, you can start to modify your playlist by choosing a specific decade or genre and you can even modify whether you’d like to hear more popular or less-popular songs. The design of the site is so intuitive that even your grandmother will be grooving to her faves in seconds. Whozat is a semantic search engine for people finding that allows you to find information on everyday people that you wouldn’t necessarily find with other engines. Whozat scours a number of sources including search engines like Google, as well as social and professional networks. The engine is also interactive in the sense that it allows users to give feedback in the form of a checkmark or an “X” on every element of the results that they receive. Searches are ranked according to the relevance of your query making it much more successful at providing information about ordinary people. Finally, Whozat automatically generates tags that allow a searcher to indicate which person, or which aspect of a person they are interested in. If you ever meet anyone on an online chat or anywhere else on the internet and would like to talk to them without giving them your phone number, BeeMask has the solution. All you have to is register and provide your actual phone number, then the next time you meet someone and decide you’d like to talk to them you simply exchange a secret BeeWord and then both of you enter that secret word at the same time on the BeeMask page and you will be instantly connected. So, instead of potentially losing the chance to meet that special someone, sign up for BeeMask and talk to anyone you want while keeping your piece of mind. While you probably wouldn’t guess it from the name, MediaWombat is a search engine that allows users to specifically search for Adobe Flash files. The engine behind the scenes is a crawler that scours the web for Flash files, pulls them apart, and makes them available to searchers. The advantage to this is that Google and Yahoo do not look inside Flash files to see what’s inside them and therefore there is a lot of content available that is going unnoticed by those using Google or Yahoo to search. While the site has only recently launched, it is still worth a try the next time you are looking for a Flash game or piece of code. With feminine detail and a glamorous edge, it is no wonder that prom dresses are some of the most sought after dresses currently on the market. designer dresses and gowns are known for their wide array of dress styles, ranging from the sleek mermaid design, to the free-flowing, classic ball gown. Each prom girl is different, and every body type is flattered by a unique dress design. The prom dress line is perfect for the average teenage prom girl, and caters to a variety of shapes and sizes. So whether you’re an apple, pear-shaped, or hourglass figure, this designer dress collection is ideal for the fashion-forward high school prom queen. Appropriately named Scour, allows you to search Google, Yahoo, and MSN all from the same page. Search all three of these engines at the same time and filter your search to include only images or videos. As if this in itself wasn’t enough, the engine also incorporates elements of social search to the user experience by allowing voting and commenting on any given search result. Basically, users can vote for the best result and soon will be able to add comments as well. Depending on the number of votes that a given result receives, it moves higher or lower down the page. As a final addition, and a way of encouraging growth, Scour offer users Visa Rewards points for searching, commenting, voting, and for inviting friends to the site. Yoowalk is the latest incarnation of virtual reality on the web. Made in France, Yoowalk takes a clever spin on virtual life by making the entire worldwide web its playground. The goal of the recently cash infused startup is to make a 3D web made up of villages, websites, and points of interest. Essentially, they're changing the way we navigate the web. Instead of the static, passive surfing, we're used to Yoowalk encourages users to interact while browsing. So how does it work? You create a profile and avatar with which to walk the web. Then you can start surfing. What you'll see is a 3D village as a representation of the web. Buildings represent actual sites and are referred to as OneHourTranslation is a portal that allows anyone to submit documents in any major language and have them translated and sent back to them rapidly, oftentimes in less than an hour. Basically, OneHourTranslation has a multitude of outsourced freelancers around the world who are available to translate your documents 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. There is no need to haggle over the price either since they are fixed at $3.42 per word regardless of the languages you need translated. Anyone who needs to communicate with people who do not speak their language will appreciate the speed and low costs of OneHourTranslation.
Croozed selected: Cool Shoplift is an Amazon-based search engine that lets you hunt for good prices for a variety of items. The site specializes in games, toys, and billiards, but also features several other categories (Electronics, Watches, Home&Garden, etc). You can search for items by keyword and/or category. Items are divided into categories based on what they are, but also on the degree to which their prices have been marked down. All purchases are done across the Amazon server, which means that all of the items are backed by Amazon’s “A-Z Guarantee”; meaning if there’s any defect with the product or if it arrives and it does not appear as advertised, you’re entitled to your money back. You’ll need an account to use Shoplift, but it must be one with Amazon, not with Shoplift itself, since all checkouts are done through Amazon. DialMyCalls is a web-based voicemail system that allows mass voice messages to be sent instantly. Users simply record or upload their message, create a list of numbers to call, and choose a time and date for the call to be sent out. From there, DialMyCalls delivers the message to the predetermined recipients, and follows up by sending the user a report of each call made. To start using this system, callers sign up for a free account, and then select which type of service level they want. Users may either select the basic package, which allows for 1 free group call to 25 people or less, or upgrade to the premium package deal, which allows users to send unlimited messages at a set cost. This system offers several features, such as the ability to deliver voicemail messages to recipients’ email addresses. Need to pick a color scheme, but haven’t got a clue where to start? Whether you’r colour blind or just plain empty minded when it comes to colours, you can rely on ColorHunter to select and find color palettes for any occasion. ColorHunter actually pulls up color schemes from photographic images. What you see is a swatch list of colors lined up next to the image from which they are taken. It’s quite ingenious really, as it gives you real insight as to how the colors look when juxtaposed. The images from ColorHunter are pulled in from Flickr. You can search for different color palettes by using the search bar; additionally you can search by tag, hex color code or image url. If you have already have an image in mind, you can upload it and get a color palette based on the colors from your image. Log-in is optional; you don’t have to sign up unless you want to keep a list of your favorite palettes. is an ongoing project that consists of an integrated Google Map and the ability for users to place way points they feel would be of interest to tourists on the map along with a description of them. Tourists simply enter the city they’d like to visit in the search bar provided and the will be taken to an overhead map view complete with all annotations that have been made to that area of the world. By registering, users can also favorite places they’d like to visit and add them to their itinerary which will be saved for viewing the next time they enter the site. Think of as a mashup between Google Maps and Wiki which aims to become the ultimate tourist attraction resource. Does your blog need an updated look? If you use Wordpress, you might want to check out WooThemes. WooThemes offers premium Wordpress templates which also happen to be chalk full of features. There’s a wide range of themes available to satisfy any niche website or blog. Each theme is available for purchase on a single License for $70 or on a $150 Developer’s License. Alternatively, you can join the WooThemes club and have access to all of Woo’s themes for as low as $150 for a three month membership. All themes have been designed for easy use. There are custom write panels, cool color palettes, hip typography and clean, slick layouts. You can browse around the WooThemes gallery for free to find the theme to suit your needs. Themes are grouped by type: business, CMS, Magazine/News, Blog and Portfolio. Imagine Wikipedia. Now imagine making money with it. That is basically what Knol is like. Google’s version of a free encyclopaedia is currently making a big buzz throughout the internet. People who have Google accounts can add articles about what they know best, in order to inform others. The key feature is that you can place AdSense ads within your articles. For instance, say you are very knowledgeable on the subject of Hot Dogs. Write the article, place the ads, and every time someone searches for Hot Dogs through Knol, you will receive part of the profits the ads generated. The main difference with Wikipedia is the fact that people can’t collaborate on entries. If you find something wrong with someone’s article, you can’t just go in and change it. You must suggest the changes to the author, for him or her to approve them. Writing a Knol is simple, since there is no rich text formatting like in its older cousin Wikipedia. Appropriately dubbing itself “The Internet’s Universal Remote”, ButtonAll is a site that allows users to pick from a variety of different search engines and resources for more accurate searching results. Included at ButtonAll are: Google, Yahoo, MSLive, Ask, Wikepedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus, MapQuest, MySpace, Facebook, Amazon, E-Bay, and Craigslist, just to name a few of the options. There are also four extra buttons which are colored in red and which represent new and innovative websites. Simply select the engine you’d like to search with by clicking on the corresponding button, enter your keywords into the search bar, and get instant results without ever having to leave the ButtonAll environment. TripWolf is an online travel aid that combines tips from everyday trekkers with words of wisdom from professionals. Site users have access to information on over 200,000 destinations all over the world. Users can search for destinations, find tips from friends and pro gurus, and even create and print out their own personalized travel itineraries. Users can also browse galleries of pictures posted by other users, as well as click through the profiles of other travelers and professional gurus registered on the site. An additional feature is users have the ability to write their own journal posts on their favorite travel destinations. Users will soon be able to book sites through this site as well. Now you too can broadcast live to the world with web app SelfCast. SelfCast is a broadcasting platform that enables anyone with a video camera and an internet connection to create live and interactive broadcasts. Broadcasts are relayed via SelfCast’s unique player which contains a chat function and access to other broadcasts—upcoming and already past. Viewers can thus chat in real time with their hosts while watching their broadcasts live. There’s a directory of different Channels and Casts. There’s also a SelfCast schedule. Programs span the range from comedy to animation and politics; you can browse through the archive to find content from all over the globe. It takes only a couple minutes to get set up and running. Broadcasting your own content is absolutely free—all you have to do is sign up and start filming.
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Croozed selected: Cool Traditional study groups for high school and college students have more or less become a thing of the past. With the advent of file-sharing, many teachers and students have taken to swapping notes, back tests, and the like via the internet. A new site, GradeGenie, is one such way to share class information. GradeGenie allows both faculty and students to upload non-copyrighted class handouts and/or their own notes so that other students in the course may have access to them. Barring tests and other questionably obtained documents, you can post anything on GradeGenie. Students can search for information by first selecting their school, and then the course. Alternately, you can also search by notes, department, and instructor. According to the GradeGenie team, the goal of the site is to help students acquire the materials they need to succeed in the course. With that in mind, GradeGenie does specify that any material that is deemed irrelevant by site visitors or is determined to be of low quality will be removed from the site. To use GradeGenie, you’ll need to register for an account (it’s free), and then you can start uploading files or searching for your own course documents. Looking for that perfect bottle of wine for a certain event? Unarmed and uninformed, this can be a daunting task. Thankfully sites like Classic Wines can help demystify the world of wine and streamline the selection process. Classic Wines features all sorts of tools to aid you in this process; you can browse wines by category, price range, and region. You can read reviews written by others and even watch a video review of a particular bottle. Aside from wine selection and reviews, Classic Wines also provides information about where to purchase wine accessories, how to join a wine club in your area, and video tutorials about food/wine pairings. You can also read and watch wine videos that aren’t just reviews; the site features an extensive collection of media devoted to your favorite bottle of chardonnay, pinot, or rosé. If you like, you can join the site to become a member to receive news updates and receive the right to post your own articles and reviews. MixTurtle allows you to search for and create playlists with speed. When searching for an artist you’d like to hear, a drop-down list appears displaying an alphabetical listing of the artists available according to what you’ve entered so far and the artists alphabetically surrounding them. The results appear as a list of that artist’s tracks in bold font. Clicking on a track will start to play what is there, displaying how many of that track were found in case one source requires a password or isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. If you’ve created an account, you can then add your desired tracks to a playlist for easy reference and playback. You can easily share any playlist with the direct link they provide you straight to the songs you’ve selected. So if you want to quickly create and share lists of songs with your friends, MixTurtle could be your application of choice. Mixin is an online social-calendar application that allows you to share your agenda with your friends and tell them where you will be, and what you’ll be doing at any specific time in the future. You are able to post these agenda updates from your current calendar application, by email, SMS, IM or via Twitter. Compare your agenda to your friend’s ones and propose a time to meet or a group activity based on when they are all free. For example, if you’d like to go out to dinner with your friends, check when they will all be free and then suggest a time and date. Your friends will be able to see your invitation and respond in the negative or the affirmative. is a debating site that allows users to submit articles and blog posts, much like people do on Digg. This evidence can be submitted in support or in opposition to a debate. This evidence is then rated by users. The best of the evidence floats to the top, thus allowing users to research topics, much like they do on Wiki. Essentially, this site is a Digg and Wiki mashup where users can debate and or research topics such as terrorism or global warming. The site allows the user to get the inner debater out of their system. As you get more familiarized with the site, you’ll start to become better at making a point quicker. The better you get at debating, the more popular your debates will become on the site. To keep up with the latest happenings on the site, check out the UberSpat blog. Keep coming back to the site, as you will find new topics always available for you to debate on. Get your daily video download fix from Tubezoid. Say there’s a video you just have to have from DailyMotion or Youtube. Such sites, of course, only let you view streaming videos—downloading is simply not an option. That’s where Tubezoid comes in. It works with Metacafe, DailyMotion, Youtube, Veoh, Google Video and a handful of porn sites like RedTube. All you’ve got to do is cut and paste the url of the video you want to download into the form provided by Tubezoid and hit ‘Download’. From there you’ll be able to download all your favorite videos for later viewing even when you haven’t got an internet connection. Check it out today—it’s completely free. Having an online presence is pretty much crucial these days to maintain any sort of life be it social, business, or even your personal life. Everything's online nowadays and those that shun the internets are considered a little odd if not old-fashioned. If, however, you want to venture beyond the social networking and Google schtick, you can try making your own website. Promote yourself, sell your goods, or create a startup if you fancy. Not very web savvy? No worries, with DesignerNext, you don't have to be. DesignerNext offers a slew of sleek, smart website design templates for you to use. The site is a what you see is what you get, no frills site. To get the template of your fancy, you'll need to create a login name and register. Then you can browse. Premium templates come at a cost--ranging from $10- $20. Or if you want to buyout the design completely, you can, but that'll cost you considerably more. There are, however, a number of free templates and you can even get one customed designed. Pay using PayPal and you're officially set with a fully designed website. Social network messaging has taken the internets by storm, replacing emails and the long forgotten snail mail. It's easier to stay in touch with short snippets, pokes, kicks and what not on superwalls and private messages, rather than take the time to compose a long-winded email. It's fitting, therefore, that social messaging has gone the way of the email in the number of features and options available. Take the new networking messaging app Sendible, for example. Sendible lets you schedule messages for a number of networks including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. You can also use the service for good ole email if you like. SMS works too (it's free and international). So, the next time one of your hundreds of friends has a birthday, don't forget it. Schedule it in months ahead and then feel free to forget. It can link up with Gmail, Yahoo or MSN thereby allowing contact importation and a handy auto-completion feature. It's still in beta, with more features to come. Appropriately named EmailFuture, is a web-based application that allows you to send emails to yourself at a future date that you define. Simply enter up to four email addresses in the space provided along with the subject and the body of your message, and then select the day and the time that you’d like the email to be sent. The potential uses for EmailFuture are numerous and could include reminders of important dates like anniversaries and birthdays, shopping lists or even as a way of sending yourself a list of goals a few years into the future to see if you have met them or not. Forgetful people and those that real like to stay on top of things will love the ease of use of this free service.
Croozed selected: Cool Forget your Rolodex. Business card are old hat-- they're hard on trees, not interactive, and get lost easier than socks in the dryer. Get DropCard instead. DropCard is a novel site that wants to you to get rid of your business cards. For good. It's a clever concept. So how does it work? Easy. Drop by DropCard's site, register, enter in some key details about yourself including your social networking info, and then the next time you do a meet and greet, exchange email addresses (save it on your phone), and send that email to DropCard via email or SMS. Then, you are officially good to go. DropCard will automatically send your info to that person, and they in turn, can friend you on your various social networking sites. DropCard enables you to have different profiles for business and pleasure and you can add to other networks as well. DropCard is currently free to use and you can use it on anyone even if they don't have a DropCard account. MyBestFareFinder is a portal that allows users to enter their desired cruise itinerary and then receive and compare multiple low-priced quotes from professional agents. There is no cost to use the service, simply sign up, enter where you’d like to go and what type of a cruise you are in the market for, and then sit back and let the professionals do the leg work for you. MyBestFareFinder appears to support practically all of the major cruise companies while also providing users with an extensive list of professional travel agents who bid on the sale. So the next time you are thinking about taking a cruise, put competition to work and get the best price and quality service all in one. BlinkWeb lets you create websites on the fly. It’s been designed for quick and easy website building without the need for high tech geekery knowledge; no coding is necessary which means anyone, from your grandmother to your trained chimp can have a slick looking website of their own. Blinkweb features a drag and drop interface; there are a plethora of design templates to choose from and you can easily drop in videos from Google and YouTube among others. There are three main styles to choose from: Content, to sell products or for Adsense ads, Salesletter for downloadable products, and Blog, for building a community of subscribers. Check out the demo and sign up now. It’s absolutely free. Giant Bomb is an online editorial for everything games-related and it is the result of the hard work of ex-gamespotter Editorial Director, Jeff Gerstmann. The purpose of this site is to gather all sorts of information about individual game characters, items, and the games themselves to create an online encyclopedia which is complemented by reviews on only the best and most original games and articles related to other important issues effecting gamers. Currently, you can see the most popular video game characters (Mario #1), along with the most popular people in the industry, concepts, games and things. Simply click on anyone or anything from this list and start exploring is a site that allows you to create a digital depiction of your life. Collect your digital assets, such as videos and pictures, and add them to gradually build your personal timeline. In the end, you will have a chronological illustration of the major events that happened in your life, as well as the current events that went on at the same time. You can easily integrate the assets you already have posted on other sites, such as Facebook and Flickr, as well as add other digital items you have saved on your computer or mobile phone. Zoom in to a certain day of your life, or take a step back to view an entire year, or even the century in which you live. What’s more, friends and family can contribute items to your timeline, but you can choose whether or not to accept and add those items. Zipclip is a nifty new two-part downloadable application, one for your computer and the other for your mobile phone, that links the two together and allows them to share media. Users can download videos and other media onto their computer, and instantly send it to their mobile phone for viewing later on. Users may also send video and media clips to other people’s cell phones, even if they have not downloaded the Zipclip application. Media clips can either be saved on a given mobile, or simply viewed through the mobile web browser. Furthermore, Zipclip allows the audio portion of the delivered clips to be converted into ringtones. For those of you who access your media online through BitTorrent, you´ll know how annoying it is to have to search through torrent sites filled with huge, misleading advertisements to try to find the download link for what you´re actually looking for. However, now there´s Speckly to make the process much easier by displaying a list of URL addresses for you to search from. All you have to do is type in the key words on Speckly´s homepage and the rest is done for you. Speckly is also targeted for those not used to using BitTorrent vocabulary for its easy to use and clearly explains the concepts in words everyone can understand. PlayCrafter is a new site which allows anyone to create games via a drag and drop interface. It’s designed for maximum ease of use and built on top of Adobe Flex. To get started, you must first go to the workshop; there, you must choose a game template: Brick game, Golf game, Zeeb game, Marble game, Peg game, etc. Next you’ll be guided in dragging in game pieces to the work canvas. You can even import images to customize your game. Once you’ve finished designing your game, you can share it with friends and family. You can also browse through the collection of games created by other users. It’s bundles of fun and it’s free. GasForFree allows you to earn money for you to use on gas by displaying advertisements on your vehicle. They call it “drivertising,” and it works based on the amount of space you allow the advertisement to take up. To become a Drivertiser, you must meet a certain list of criteria to ensure that advertisers can depend on your car and their ad getting visibility. These include owning a vehicle that is from 1998 or a more recent year, driving about 1,250 miles per month or about forty per day, being the registered owner, having a valid license and valid insurance, and having a clean driving record. Because advertisements are going onto cars already out on the road instead of cars just driving around specifically to show the ad, the company is ecofriendly, and once a campaign is over, they recycle the vinyl used once it’s off the vehicle. With these ads, you can save yourself up to $299 per month on gas!
Croozed selected: Cool If you’ve ever had to organize a golf day for work or a charity event, you’ll know that organizing a tournament can be time consuming and a logistical nightmare. Enter TournEase which promises to help tournament directors reduce the time needed to plan and implement tournaments by up to 40%. TournEase is an online tool that helps you implement everything from player registration to on-course events and signage. Organize every part of the tournament including player pairing, sponsor management and gifts and rewards. With Tournease you can also create your own website which you can use to point players to so that they can register themselves in your next tournament. DimDim is an entirely web-based and completely free web-conferencing solution that, amongst other things, allows users to share their desktop, show slides, collaborate, chat, talk, and broadcast via webcam with absolutely no downloads required. DimDim is also open source, meaning that companies can take the original product and do with it as they please, which includes being able to install the solution on their own server. The entire DimDim package, including VOIP, video broadcasting and desktop sharing features, automatically scales depending on the speed of your bandwidth. This feature is a godsend to those who have unreliable broadband connections with peaks and valleys since DimDim can detect the changes and adjust accordingly. Glotter allows you to use Google maps to create maps displaying various types of data that you can share with the online community. Maps are categorized into travel and places (the Louvre), knowledge (NASA headquarters and centers), leisure and sports (the Beijing Olympic Games 2008), and entertainment and fun (the spot of five people waiting for the Applie iPhone 3G to come out in New York City who are trying to make a Guinness World Record for “the longest time waiting in line to buy something”). There is also a tab full of useful services to help you arrange and set up your map. These include a site to get driving directions, Google Earth, Geocoder, the street viewer for 360 degree street level photos, images of what’s in space, and more. You can also add extras such as a YouTube video or a Flickr photo stream to buff up your map. If you just want to make a personal map for you and your friends to use, that is also a possibility. So if you want to create a content rich map, or just want to browse through the most popular ones that have been posted by the community, check out Glotter. Got a million dollar idea? Don't we all? At ThoughtBlend, you can share any idea, be worth a million bucks or not so much. ThoughtBlend is a new online community dedicated to good and great ideas (yours and mine). The concept is as simple as it sounds: simply submit any idea you have, and discuss. Ideas worthy of discussion get rated and ranked. All ideas are categorized. Categories include Fashion, Environment, Invention, Money and Business among other things. There's also a search bar where you can search by keyword or term. And like any good Web 2.0 site these days, it includes a social component. At ThoughtBlend, you register, become a member, and then are able to interact with others through comments and discussions. Users as well as ideas can be favorited. The ThoughtBlend database is free to access, but you'll have to sign in to submit your ideas or discuss with others. VendorCity is a new vendor-recommendation portal where users can submit vendors in their area that they’ve had a good experience with and rate the work that they’ve done under a number of categories. Those that are looking for a vendor can search by first selecting the industry category and then looking through a list of vendors who are ranked from top to bottom according to the rating they’ve received by other users. Users who submit a vendor can also be voted on, which is a great way of ensuring that the reviews are honest and unbiased. So if you want to make sure that you get the right person for the job, VendorCity saves you from getting burned by providing a database of vendors who have been pre-qualified by people like you. SwarmShopr is a site which has the goal of placing power into consumers’ hands by allowing anyone who sees a good deal to share it with the rest of the community. Using an embedded Google Map, users can search for deals in their area by simply clicking on the waypoints that have been created by other users who have found a deal. If you happen to be walking around your neighborhood and notice an especially good deal, simply log on to swarmshopr, post the deal, and receive popularity points in the process. SwarmShopr will soon be releasing mobile and GPS integrations which should make it infinitely easier to post real-time deals and to find them using a GPS device. Bistrola is an innovative web-based tool that eliminates the hours of arguing when you and your friends are trying to decide on a place to go out and eat. Simply sign up and then the next time you want to get together with your friends, set up an invitation describing what it is for along with a proposed day and time, and an invite will be sent to your friends’ email accounts. Next, each person, including you, fills out the desired area that they’d like to eat in, the type of cuisines, and price range. Beside each of these selections you’ll find a sliding bar that you move from one side to the other depending on how important each of these criteria is to you. Bistrola then compiles the choices you’ve made and generates a list of restaurants to suit them. Simply pick the restaurant that’s most suitable as deemed by your friends’ input and bingo! IndieBound is a portal dedicated to independent books and the independent bookstores that sell them. This robust site contains social networking elements where people can join the community to communicate with other like-minded people and find out about upcoming events in their area. The site contains an easy to use bookstore locator that displays local bookstores on a Google embedded map. Along with helping you to find local bookstores, the site also serves as a platform for the promotion of the best independent books which can be found under the categories of “Indie Bestsellers” and “Indie Next List”. If you really feel part of the cause, you can also purchase an IndieBound shirt or digitally sign their Declaration in which you vow to support the plight of the independent writer and the stores that sell their wares. It is an accepted fact that some people learn better and retain more information when they can view the concepts being studied in mind maps. WisdomMap allows anyone to create great visually appealing mind maps for better retention of information while also adding in an article section, where more in-depth information can be placed, and a resources area where relevant videos images, files and websites can be attached as well. The end product is an uncluttered mind map in a one-pager format that will help people absorb more information and learn more effectively. Basic accounts, which allow you to make up to three WisdomMaps are free with registration, while an unlimited package will run you about $2 per month.
Croozed selected: Cool Israel-based Sightix is a search engine platform designed to give people the results that they are not currently receiving from Google. The platform is available to any site that contains social elements and it enables individual users to receive different search results based on their social graph. Simply put, the Sightix algorithm takes a user’s friends and connections into account whenever they search for something on the platform. An example of this engine at work would be if a user was in need of a doctor; a Google search would provide thousands of qualified doctors in their area while a Sightix search would provide all doctors within that user’s social realm. With this example in mind, the advantages of Sightix become obvious, what better way to find a doctor than to get a recommendation from one of your friends, even if it is a bit of a passive recommendation. Fociki is the latest social network to hit the scene. This basic site focuses on the importance of photos, and encourages users to post their most creative and interesting pics. Currently, there are 11 users signed up on the site, jointly contributing a total of 57 pictures. With Fociki, users have access to typical social networking functions. Once they create their own profiles, they may update their personal information with their location, age, gender, and contact information, such as Skype, MSN and AIM screen names, and home or cell phone numbers. Users may add each other and send messages freely. This is not an overly secure or private site, as users do not need to have an existing account to view other users’ profiles and contact info. There’s a lot of bad design out on the net, which is hardly surprising given the overwhelming barrage of websites that exist. Of course, there’s also a good deal of good web design and you can find it at InspirationKing. What started as a personal collection of website designs has now become a full blown gallery open to the public. InspirationKing focuses only on the best—the sites they showcase are of the highest quality—setting this site apart from the rest. InspirationKing is geared at designers, web geeks, artists, and anyone who appreciates good design. The latest entries are showcased on the homepage; you can access older items via the search bar or using the browse function. There is also, of course, an RSS feed so you can keep up to date at all times. Users can submit their own favorite sites or their own creations as well. VectorPortal is an extensive database of completely free vector files that can be used by designers as they see fit providing that they include a link back to VectorPortal. Images are categorized into a variety of categories and they can also be searched for by entering a keyword into the search bar provided. Along with providing an extensive list of vector images, VectorPortal also includes forums and tutorials for anyone needing help with Vector designs. Artists are encouraged to submit their own vector designs to help the site grow into the largest free vector image portal. Vector images are widely used by designers due to the fact that they are resolution independent and they look better on devices that support a higher resolution. Since they are in many ways superior, VectorPortal has decided to create a portal where these often hard to find images can be accessed by all. So you thought all those things you learned to write a good essay or pass a test-- read, highlight, summarize, annotate, edit, write again-- would be a thing of the past when real life came around? Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), those skills are still necessary in everyday life. Collaboration and writing are crucial when conducting business, working on projects, or even submitting a simple CV. Another pair of eyes is never a bad idea when you want to be at your best. BookGoo wants to take the old school highlight and markup with pen and paper to the web. With BookGoo, you can easily take offline texts (your graduate thesis, business proposition, an article on politics, etc) and annotate, highlight and share with others. You can provide comments and feedback on other people's papers as well. It doesn't have to be brain science either. Feel free to share recipes, music etc too. BookGoo supports all major formats and you'll need to register to join. Flasheezy, yes even they themselves admit the name is a bit stupid, is the one place to go to get your flash on. The site offers free flash files and tutorials as well. On the homepage you’ll find a collection of the latest free flash additions to the site; today’s selection includes a peeling sticker button, a calendar, a New Year’s greeting, and an XML music player among other things. Each item can be rated by the community at large, and each comes with a preview, review and short description. Beyond the homepage, there are three main sections (separated by navigational tabs) through which you can browse. Under resources you should be able to find links to flash resources, however the section hasn’t been completed yet. The tutorials section houses tutorials, of course, but like the other section, it has yet to be finished. You can browse the Gallery to find a range of flash files; filter your search by category, flash version, or sort by comments, date, ratings, etc. As the site is run by users, anyone can submit flash elements of their own making. If you have ever wanted to create your own social news site, but feared you didn’t have the tech knowledge and background to do it, check out This new service lets users easily build and customize social news sites with minimal effort and know-how. Creating a site is simple. Users must choose a username and password, title the site, and then decide on a URL. Once the sites have been established, other users can log on and place their votes on posted news stories, causing the stories’ position to move up or down based on popularity. Slinkset site owners have the ability to choose their own custom domain for their site, add RSS feeds to bring traffic to their site quickly, and change the design of the site with just a couple clicks. What’s more, this service is available free of charge, as of now. Got babies on the mind? Not to worry, whether you're about to give birth, contemplating kids, or just ga-ga over the new Brangelina twins, BabyThings4U has everything you need for you and your baby. It's an UK-based online store in the vein of BlueFly or Amazon but with a focus on the under 1 foot crowd. It has everything you could ever think of to get your baby pimped out-- prams, nappies, shoes, toys, bouncers and more. And the brand selection is thorough including Chicco, OBaby, Jeep and Gabe&Grace. Search is easy-- you can search by category or keyword, or check out the 'Special Offers' section for the best deals. There are also articles with tips and advice on bringing up baby. The site, not surprisingly, has gone green as well with recycled receipts and packaging. There's no need to join either, simply shop. Nothing makes a statement quite like a cool screen print tee. CosmicSoda is a hot new site from Greece that’s dedicated to putting those clever and funky t-shirts out there. A group of twelve designers have come up with all of the screen print designs. All shirts are unique, but they have a common hip, indie, urban feel. The shirts are unisex and come in male and female sizes, so anyone can wear any style. Making a purchase is simple. Users simply login or create a user account. From there, they skim through the checkout process, where they may pay using their PayPal account. Afterwards, users may head back to the site and post a review on a purchased product, giving their opinion on how the fit, look, and feel of the shirt turned out.
Croozed selected: Cool Considering that these days over 50% of US marriages end in divorce, it’s not surprising that a site like MyDivorceSales would crop up. Created with recent divorcees in mind, MyDivorceSales allows you to list items for sale that are left over after a break-up; cars, furniture, pets, etc. Like craigslist, you can create a listing for your item and provide a description and picture. Buyers can search the site for items using a keyword or category search, or they can check out recent and featured listings. When a buyer finds an item they’d like to purchase, it is up to him and the seller to agree on a price. Because MyDivorceSales doesn’t host financial transactions, the buyer and the seller must also agree on delivery details, exchange contact info, and discuss when and how the item will be paid for. To use MyDivorceSales, you’ll need to sign up for an account first. The latest iPhone release has been a boon for developers. With the new app store, you don't have to worry about jailbreaking your precious cargo to get the latest and greatest software. But what if you want more for your iPhone-- wallpapers, icons, news? Try iPhoneToolbox. It's a blog that chronicles the latest and greatest in all things concerning the iPhone. The site itself is a nice piece of eyecandy that iPhone aficionados will appreciate. It's neatly designed and you can even select various themes for the page. Rollover the skins and iPhoneToolbox will show you a preview of what it will look like on your iPhone. The site is free and has all you want in iPhone resources. Everyone who has interests in the stock market knows that keeping up with them is key. That is where comes in. This site has everything any stock holder will need to keep up with his or her stock options. The key feature of the site has to be the IndexWatch. This will allow you to see (in real time) how any major player in the stock market evolves with time. The Historical Quotes section is somewhat of a resource to anyone who wants to inquire about the past history of any company. There, you will be able to choose the company you want to find out more about and see how their stocks have been doing, since they started being a publicly traded company. The Interactive Chart is a more extensive version of the IndexWatch feature. It will allow you to incorporate both the historical data found in the Historical Quotes with the up-to-date information found in the IndexWatch. So gas prices prices aren't exactly cheap, but you still need a car to get around-- to work, school, play, to basically, have a life. RideAmigos, then, ought to help. RideAmigos is a clever new site that takes advantage of the transportation fiasco and helps you save money. It's touts itself as a ride sharing solution. You can find car pools, split taxis, bum rides off of fellow commuters, or even find transportation to a special event. RideAmigos makes this all extremely easy. To use, just enter in a few details including where you're going and from where, and ride type. You can also specify an event (such as baseball game, concert, etc). The site is international, so it's perfect for when you travel-- you can get rides to the places you need to go without having to pay full price. Join once, and you're a member for life. It's free too. Economy got you down? Not to worry, there's other means to have fun with numbers. Try the stockmarket, for one. A bear market is a good time to buy quality stocks and the newly minted site StockMoose will let you try your hand at stock picking or learn from the crowd. StockMoose, despite the cute name, is not lot like other stock trading sites. Rather than have users put together a portfolio of picks and then rate them or sound in with their own two cents, with StockMoose, you vote on what's given. The homepage provides users with two choices and you vote for the one you think will be a winner. The stocks are all similar (SanDisk vs VMware, for example), so you're not comparing apples to oranges. You can follow the results by joining through a site called piqqem or simply enter as a visitor. Think your boss/lover/metro mate/ friend/neighbor might be harboring a dark criminal past? You can never be safe when it comes to whom you work with, hire or befriend. They could be another Mygazines is a site that allows you to browse through, collect, and personalize all of the magazine articles that interest you. The site is based on uploaded magazine articles, brochures, and pamphlets done by its users, and makes it possible for the community to check them out with a whole bunch of options. Magazines can be viewed in their entirety, or searched and read based on specific articles. When users find articles that they want to hold on to for later, they can save them, bookmark them, share them, or store them for later use. Once articles have been selected, a mygazine can be created, which is basically a magazine including all of your chosen articles organized according to your design. You could search for or upload various nutrition articles and recipes and then create a mygazine with all of those tidbits organized and browsable, so that you don’t have to go sorting through each different publication later on. When viewing the articles from the site, you can flip through the pages as if you were reading and checking out an actual physical publication. The difference is that this version doesn’t waste paper, can be tagged and saved without taking up space or wasting time, and can work as a scrapbook of sorts for all of your favorite articles. Secretly a fan of Recently launched LiveSalary is a tool that allows Australian professionals to see what other similarly qualified Australians are earning in their area. The site works by asking Australians to enter their profession, current role and exact job title into a wizard along with the exact salary that they are currently earning. Once someone has contributed in the aforementioned manner, they are able to search the site to see what others are earning for performing the same task. Over time, the site will become a great tool for analyzing labor and salary trends across the country and it will also serve as a key tool for employees looking to better negotiate their next raise.
Croozed selected: Cool ScrapeUp from the people that brought you Videosift, is a simple to use site that allows you to search for video clips from Digg, Reddit, College Humor, LiveLeak, Fark, GameTrailers and VideoSift. The site provides a quick and easy way of seeing what people are talking about on the web through watching the clips that they are sharing and commenting on. Filter your search by choosing which of the video sites you’d like included and the ScrapeUp simply displays the most popular video clips from each of the above-mentioned sites by scrolling them down the page. Basically, think of Videosift as a portal that allows you to quickly and easily determine what is receiving the most buzz at any moment of the day. Got a shiny new smartphone you're itching to load up with new apps and software? Why not take advantage of the crop of mobile apps coming out of Europe? For instance, try Shout 'Em, a startup from the former Yugoslavian country of Croatia. Shout 'Em brings the world of mobile internet browsing to you or your company. Essentially, Shout 'Em provides white label solutions for companies that want a mobile social network. It also enables anyone who wants to build their own social network to do so easily and quickly. Shout 'Em has all the tools and templates necessary to make your own network. On top of that, they handle all the technical aspects so you don't have to. You'll be able to send messages, upload pics, share your location, and much more. It currently has an Android client and is scheduled to work with iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Symbian among others. Addicted to web shopping? Or maybe selling? Is eBay your second job? If so, you may want to check out E-Junkie a servie that makes selling your goods even easier. E-Junkie was created with ecommerce and usability in mind. The site offers a range of options for you start your e-business or add a different dimension to your existing e-shop. There's a copy and paste Dating, especially the sort of relatively anonymous, at a distance type characterized by online relationships, very often relies on looks. You can’t relate as well through a screen, so the dating standard becomes reliant on how hot you look in your profile photo, be it real or not. So now we’ve got a site like RateMeDateMe which basically combines Hot or Not with eHarmony. Users submit their photos to be scrutinized and rated by their peers. If you’ve got fab looks, you’ll probably also get more dates. Users can filter through potential dates using the My Matches functionality; they can also search for specific members. Besides the dating side, users can share videos and pictures. They can befriend other users and create their own blogs. There’s online chat and an event calendar. Sign up is free. Google, is of course, the search juggernaut. Everyone googles. You google yourself, you google your friends, your dates, your workmates. Google, however isn’t the only search engine out there, and new comer Yoozila is looking to be a new 2.0 search alternative. Yoozila has a fresh, clean interface which has been designed for ease of use. It features a Parental Control switch perfect for families wanting to shield their children’s eyes from seedy internet content; parents can filter out adult content by region, file type, language, and even license. Beyond that, the advanced filters allow users to filter by similar page, keywords (these can be used to both include and exclude pages), language and specific sites. Yoozila also has badges so you can spread the Yoozila love. Ever finish a book that you absolutely loved, only to discover that none of your friends have read it and you are left with no concept of how good of a book it actually was? A new web app, Booklert, now lets you track the popularity of a given book via its Amazon rank. Much like Alexa, you get a graph of the book’s peaks and valleys along with its current numerical standing. Booklert sends you ranking updates with an email or a tweet as often (every hour) or as little (once a week) as you like. In addition to following the ranking of a book, if you’re an aspiring author, you can also create a Booklert “badge” to post on your site that displays your book’s current Amazon rank. When site visitors click on this badge, it automatically redirects them to Amazon where they can purchase your publication. Finally, you can keep track of the hottest and coldest books of the week – every Sunday Booklert creates new lists of the highest and lowest ranked books, along with selected other statistics (which books have fallen the most in rankings over the past week, which have risen the most, etc). Download JibberBook and you get a free easy-to-use guestbook. You can use existing language packs or easily translate it to your language and can optionally enable emoticon image replacements. And with RSS feeds and email notifications, JibberBook keeps you informed about when there´s been activity on your guestbook. Furthermore, it´s possible to send an email to be linked on JibberBook´s homepage. Plus, there´s HTML filtering, spam protection and storage options. Users who have JavaScript can experience a user-friendly interface as well. Looking for the perfect domain name for your new startup? As you probably are aware, many of the better domain names are already taken, so a good search engine is of the utmost importance. One such domain search tool is PsychicWhoIs. Besides scanning the internet for registered and dropped domains, this search engine also auto-completes your domain searches. Thus, as you’re typing out a word, Psychic gives you a drop-down list of all available names which start with the characters you’ve typed in. So if you started out thinking of one name, you may end up with something suggested by Psychic. You can pick through terminations like .net or .com, or whatever is free. Once you’ve found the perfect domain name, you’ll be directed to a purchase site like GoDaddy. PsychicWhoIs is currently in beta. Mobile phones have come a long way to the point where they are now capable of performing similar tasks to the PC. Increased hard drive capacities, coupled with WiFi accessible phones and 3G technology, makes the mobile phone ready for heavy duty Peer 2 Peer file sharing. Mbit, which is currently only available on Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones, allows users to swap photos, music and videos over their network. Like a regular P2P network, Mbit transfers files from one user to another in chunks, meaning that mobile users can begin a download and then seamlessly pick it up again each time they lose their wireless internet connection. With over 200,000 users already signed up around the world, MBit has taken a significant step towards fulfilling the most difficult of P2P tasks, which is of course, making sure there are enough peers sharing to make the service useful.
There's probably no where you're most alone than in the privacy of a toilet stall, or so goes the theory behind the oddly named new startup, aRtintimity. aRtintimity offers a new take on the PostSecret phenomenon and that new take involves toilet paper. Seriously. So, if you happen to be alone in a stall, you might as well take a moment to draw your thoughts together, scrawl something poetic on the toilet paper beside you, kindly take a picture of it, and, finally, when you've got the chance, email it to aRtintimity. You'll feel relieved. This is all free, of course. If you don't feel like sharing your secrets on toilet paper, feel free to browse the thoughts of those who did in aRtintimity's archives. Or wait for the personalized line of toilet paper that's coming soon. There's probably no where you're most alone than in the privacy of a toilet stall, or so goes the theory behind the oddly named new startup, aRtintimity. aRtintimity offers a new take on the PostSecret phenomenon and that new take involves toilet paper. Seriously. So, if you happen to be alone in a stall, you might as well take a moment to draw your thoughts together, scrawl something poetic on the toilet paper beside you, kindly take a picture of it, and, finally, when you've got the chance, email it to aRtintimity. You'll feel relieved. This is all free, of course. If you don't feel like sharing your secrets on toilet paper, feel free to browse the thoughts of those who did in aRtintimity's archives. Or wait for the personalized line of toilet paper that's coming soon. Since gas prices have gone up, death rates from car crashes have dropped. Checkbooks may be going extinct. Children are getting caught up in the ugly foreclosure mess. These are just some of the topics a new site called WalletPop covers. It's a timely site that explores everything you need to know about your financials and what the current economic downturn means to you. Nobody wants to get caught up in the financial mess that's currently entangling the American economy, but it's hard to keep out. If you can finagle such a feat, you're probably a hermit. However, if you're like everyone else, you probably want to learn more about how to keep your money safe. WalletPop offers articles, advice, tips and more all your financial news. There's tools to keep you on budget, look up stocks. You can browse by category or check the blog, and videos. It's completely free too. If you’re unsatisfied with your current bookmarking platform because you need something that covers more ground and devices, Evernote could be your solution. Evernote allows you to clip, scan, bookmark, and capture what you want to remember with tags and notes to help you find it later on. If you’re scanning a website and want to save a few paragraphs of text for you to peruse later on, you can just copy that section and save it to Evernote with its browser add-on. A pop-up appears and allows you to easily add some tags to your newly clipped text so that you can easily find it the next time you want that particular information without any problems. All entries are searchable by text. This includes the text in your images, which is an awesome function. You can capture images on your phone, send them to Evernote, and then search through them later by their text. You can add whatever you want to Evernote by taking a snapshot with your camera or webcam, clipping parts or entire webpages, dragging and dropping content into the desktop clients, emailing information, scanning receipts, brochures, and whatever else you want to be able to search that has a hardcopy, or recording audio of what you want, when you want. Evernote is the all inclusive, multi-medium bookmarking site. Webslug is an easy-to-use web-based tool that allows you to compare the speed of your website against any other. As a matter of fact, the site can be used to compare the speeds of any two sites on the World Wide Web. Simply enter the URLs of the sites you’d like to compare into the two boxes provided, and Webslug will load up the two pages for you side-by-side in two embedded windows on the page. Once the pages are finished loading, the time that each site took to load, along with the difference between the two will be displayed. This is a great little tool for website owners to use to check how their site is performing and also a way for anyone to check and see if they are having problems with their ISP or whether only a certain site is running slowly. While there are many restaurant and accommodation review sites, few of them actually use intelligent search techniques to actually make suggestions of things you might like based on other things that you have liked in the past or that other users with similar tastes have enjoyed. Sign up for a free account and then enter some of your favorite places along with the area they are located in. Next, TheSuggestr performs its magic by searching through your ratings and those of thousands of users all over the web to determine which businesses are like each other and which users have similar tastes to you. This information is then used to generate personalized suggestions just for you. As an added bonus, you can also read through other users’ reviews and TheSuggestr will predict whether or not you will like the place. Switzerland-based Kooaba is looking to cash in on the mobile marketing frenzy by offering a solution that allows users to snap photos on their mobile phones and receive instant and relevant information about the images they take. Instead of having to type a message and send it to a short code, Kooaba allows users to simply send the photo and receive the information they require. The service is currently available for movie posters and certain newspapers and magazines and will soon be available for tourist sites and just about anything else you can imagine. While it sounds like a far-fetched intelligent image recognition solution, it is actually closer to a marketing solution that allows companies to add their images to a database complete with the links that they’d like customers to be sent to when they snap a photo. SnagFlims makes it possible to find, watch, and share the best film documentaries out there. Users can log on and browse various categories of documentaries, such as environment, health, and politics. Listed films range from large titles, like National Geographic programs, to small lesser-known independent features. Because the goal is to spread the word about these films, all documentaries can be watched on the SnagFilms for free. Moreover, users can embed a widget that allows the films to be watched for free from their own sites. Before viewing the film, users may read a quick synopsis, as well as any corresponding comments that other users have made. When available, users may order a DVD of the film right from the SnagFilms site. Santa Monica-based EVO is a green online marketplace with over 100,000 categorized products from more than 1,200 vendors that have been pre-qualified and determined as green by EVO. The main categories on the site include: Clothes, Body, Autos, Home, Solar, Travel, and Money and each category contains a listing with a link to the website of the green provider for instant purchasing. Far from just a simple marketplace, EVO also encourages better environmental conduct while at the same time generating registered users. Users are asked to register and to complete a survey which determines the environmental impact that their current lifestyles entail and this impact is then visually represented in the form of the EVO Tree. EVO promises to plant a tree for every single person who becomes a registered user, so everyone and their uncle should get moving and sign up.
If your childhood was punctuated with epic battles of Risk, you might enjoy a similar online game called KDice, which combines the elements of Risk with another game, Dice Wars. Essentially the object is the same; try and take over the “world” by conquering the most “territories”. The game is based primarily on luck; you cannot control how your dice are distributed accross the territories; however, the number of dice you receive after each turn is proportional to the number of connected territories you have in your possession (for example, if you have 4 territories, but only 2 are connected to each other, you will only receive dice for those two territories. As it is a multi-player, interactive game, you must begin by entering one of the colored “tables”. This will be your color for the rest of the game, which ends when someone has conquered all of the territories. In terms of the application itself, it is a relatively simple blend of Adobe Flash, Java, AJAX, and GWT. You can see who is playing in what regions of the map; small personalizable icons accompanied by user information indicate who is participating and in what capacity. The map updates in real time so you can see the plays being executed instantaneously, as well as how many dice players have received. Muzic, a free downloading site which allows artists to upload music and for listeners to share their favorites, is brought to you in affiliation with MP3 4U which is made up of sources who compile the best free downloads from other websites. Users create profiles where they can list their favorite songs and can even put together playlists to share with other like-minded music lovers on Muzic. Thus, not only can you browse for songs and artists but you can also browse other users as well. Meanwhile, artists create Muzic songcards to personalize each song uploaded onto the site. Their songs then have the opportunity to win the MP3 Jackpot, made up of committee members who choose their favorite songs from both MP3 4U and Muzic combined. Gas prices getting you down? The oil barons maybe unwilling to make amends, but not to worry, there is some relief to be had. And it comes in the form of a new website dedicated to the gas crises called MyGallons. MyGallons lets users buy gas credit at current prices. Users, in turn, are betting that gas prices will continue to rise and that their purchase will ultimately save them money. It's akin to playing with futures in the stock market. You're hedging the price you pay for gas. The current trend seems to make MyGallons a godsend for consumers leary of paying over $4.50 for a gallon of gas. Gas is a necessity in the states, and coupled with the rising cost of food and other consumer goods, most people welcome any savings they can get. There is a catch to MyGallons, however. Users must pay an annual fee of $29.95 in addition to various overdraft and processing fees. In the end, you might only save a handful. It's currently available in over 200,000 location nationwide. GradSpot was developed due to a feeling that there was a definite lack of resources on the web that adequately addressed the unique needs of people fresh out of college. The backbone of the site is made of survival guides, which are in-depth how-to guides dealing with the most common post-grad issues. These survival guides are divided into five categories: Apartment, Career, Lifestyle, Money, and Health. The information contained within these survival guides is supplemented with daily Tips and Tricks and also with blog posts from recent graduates trying to jumpstart their adult lives across the country. The site also has a roommate finding tool which is integrated with Facebook and makes it simple to find a roommate or fill a spare room. Kurt is alive, people. Or at least his spirit is with, a Google Maps and YouTube mashup dedicated to celebrating the beloved 90’s grunge band’s every move. Site visitors select a year, ranging from 1987 to 1994. With each selected year, they are provided with a Google map and an accompanying text list of the concerts played that year. If there is any video footage from that concert, it can be viewed as well, as powered by YouTube. This website is still in its beta phase, hence there may still be mistakes and glitches. However, Nirvana fans are encouraged to not only correct these mistakes, but also contribute their own thoughts and information to the site. SenseBot is a search engine that goes deeper than the first page of relevant key phrase matches. This tool has the ability to scour up to 100 web pages at a time to research criteria. Once results have been found, SenseBot generates a summary of the most relevant listings. To use the SenseBot search query, users enter their searchable phrase, and select where they would like the results to come from, either Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, or Google News. They also must specify the language they wish for the results to come back in. Users are provided with a thorough list of relevant results. If they choose, they may also generate a concise text listing of the results. Jay-Z makes it look easy. Shakespeare too. But as most of us know, writing rhymes can be difficult. If you are having trouble putting down your feelings in rhyme, then you should take a look at The site is simple, making it easy for everyone to use. Once on the site, you will find an input box for you to start writing. When you hit a snag on your rhyming, just press Alt and select a word. The site will instantly give you a listing of words that rhyme with the one you selected. This should be fun for anyone who has a knack for writing rhymes but has a hard time finding the right words. Once you are done, you can either save your prose, copy it, or print it out. It must be stated that the key aspect of the site is its simplicity. There are no complicated features or anything like that, all you need to become the next Tupac is knowing where your Alt key is. If you like videos and happen to have Apple's AppleTV, you might want to check out is basically a video sharing site with a social element to it. You can collect videos from all over the web and organize them into channels. Scour Google Video, YouTube et al and then create your own network. If you've got AppleTV, hook it up with the AppleTV extension and watch or just watch from your PC. You can edit the shows, videos and movies on your channel so you can watch it in the order you want when you want. It's free but currently invite only. And only YouTube and GoogleVideo videos can be added for now. If you’ve ever emailed yourself something just to make sure that you won’t forget it, you’ll probably agree that it is not the most efficient way of sending yourself a reminder. If you are looking for a better way, check out Re:snooze, which makes the reminder process easier by allowing you to pick a title or URL for the reminder, and then to get periodical email reminders which you can delete or set the frequency of with a single click. The biggest advantage offered by Re-snooze is that the reminders are sent periodically and so if you ignore one reminder, there will be another one coming soon. Think of it like a snooze button for your email reminders that you can turn off and then be reminded again in the amount of time that you choose.
Croozed selected: Cool Swurl takes all of your online life and turns it into one continuous social stream. It’s like writing a blog without actually having to put in the effort of adding entries and content. Swurl takes your latest activity on sources such as Amazon, Digg, FriendFeed, Flickr, Pandora, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, and Facebook, and aggregates it into one long infinite scrolling page, updating it as you update your other sites. Your latest Flickr images can be viewed in full size as a very slick slideshow without any effort on your part. If you make a Netflix order, they automatically post a trailer for the movie onto your page. The end product is kind of like a scrapbook or yearbook of sorts, keeping track of your web activity by piecing together all things communicating about your life in complete form, not just adding a snippet from each source. People can also comment on your site, turning your web life into a conversation far more social than just they typical blog comment. Your friends’ accounts are automatically added to a list, allowing you to see an aggregation across all of the sources of their actions. Another cool feature is the timeline view, which takes all of the postings and turns them into a fresh looking calendar. If you want to keep updated on all of your friends’ activity from one source while creating a lifestreamed log of your online activity, check out Swurl. If you need a little more detail and convincing when deciding whether to buy an item online, Shopflick will give you what you need QVC-style. Each product is displayed with a high quality video from the seller talking up their product and pointing out all of its details. Listings range from band tees to haircuts from a top of the line LA stylist. Because listings involve videos and detail, you don’t find yourself having to scroll through pages of products as you tend to on eBay. Items are more hip and trendy, marketing towards the younger internet shoppers who would more likely be shopping in the boutiques that list their stuff on the site. If you are a trendy designer who’s been limited to selling your wares to a local market, now you can offer your goods to a global market, giving the personal touch of being able to describe and show off what you have to offer through the medium of a video. If you are unsatisfied with the basic calculator that comes with your computer, but don’t want to go searching or pay for a physical one that contains all of the latest features, you may want to try out eCalc. They have the basic calculator for you to use if your calculations don’t require any extras, or you can use their scientific calculator for a more complicated problem. With functionality far beyond my mathematical knowledge, the scientific calculator will handle most major calculations. There are various modes, and you can switch units such as degrees to radians. It even handles complex numbers. SmashBuys is like a PopUrls for the most popular items available online. Nine different catagories are followed. These include the top songs and albums on iTunes, the top DVDs, books, and electronics on Amazon, the top video games on, the top digital cameras on Newegg, the top movies at the box office from, and the top downloads from Besides being able to see these top ten lists, you can opt to see more from the lists just by clicking a button, and the remaining ranked items from that site are displayed. If you click on a link, you are taken directly to that item’s page so that you can purchase it or get more information on the product. Links are monitored so that the most clicked items get a higher SmashBuys rating, and you can easily see these popular products with a filter on the site. There’s also an extra pop-up of information on each product courtesy of sites like to give you a little more of an idea about what’s listed. So if you want to keep track of what the most popular products are throughout the web, check out SmashBuys. Finding good deals to save money on line can be a daunting task. Fortunately, sites like SavingPiggy help us to track down hot sale items with minimum input and maximum output. SavingPiggy is essentially a massive online collection of items currently being offered at a discounted price from a slew of retail stores like Sears and Apple. To search for an item, you can browse by store or shop by category (e.g., “electronics”). To purchase an item, simply enter in the coupon code that SavingPiggy will provide for you. You don’t have to be a member to use the site, but you do need to take some time off from shopping to review the stores featured by SavingPiggy. If you choose to join, your shopping experience will be streamlined somewhat; as members will have access to the purchase history and other helpful information. SavingPiggy also displays the day’s best discounts on its homepage and links you directly to the offer Much like Photoshop’s Liquefy feature, Gooifier allows you to upload photos to their site and distort them for some hilarious results. The photos that you “Gooify” are displayed in a public gallery at, and users can comment on their favorite modified photos. There is currently a mix of celebrity and every-day photos on the site modified in sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing ways. To “Gooify” a picture simply click on the upload thumbnail and then either upload from your desktop or capture a new photo with your webcam. Next, stretch, bloat or pucker your photo to make yourself look like anything from an alien to someone who hasn’t eaten in a very long time! In the Envelope is a site which focuses on printed invitations and cards for all occasions. The site contains invitation options for just about any event you can think of from bridal shower to BBQ and picnic. Click on any event that you’d like an invitation for and then pick which card you’d like along with the quantity. In the Envelope also provides options for weddings, thank you notes, birthday cards, and new baby announcements. The site also has the option of searching for a specific brand which is really handy if you are planning a different event and want to make sure that the invitations and the gift tags maintain the same theme. Once you’ve found what you like, pay for it and then have it shipped to your door within 2 to 3 days. Want to win someone over? Try food. Become an expert at a few dishes. You're guaranteed to get some brownie points. If, however, you need a little recipe help, try The Best Cook, a new site dedicated to food. Nothing but. The Best Cook has a simple layout. It's homepage is a list of categories covering everything from Wild Game to Hot and Spicy and Liquor. Click on one category to browse the thousands of recipes The Best Cook has on hand. There's also a search bar for quick and easy access. The recipes are simple, straightforward and placed in alphabetical order. So, if you fancy a little almond cake or amaretto cheesecake with almond glaze, The Best Cook is the place to go. You don't need to join or register or anything like that to use it. Simply visit the site and get busy looking at recipes. You’ve probably read them, perhaps even posted a couple, maybe you even troll your paper hoping that someone’s missed you. Well, now there’s a whole social network dedicated to the ‘saw you at…’ phenomenon and it’s called Missedconnected. The site employs GoogleMaps to chart out those lost connections; it doesn’t stop there though, of course—after all, a network of only missed connections probably wouldn’t fare so well. Rather, Missedconnected also allows users to organize and attend events, and to scout out and list best hangouts and places to connect, much as you would with other social networks. You can browse miss connections by location or by category, e.g. Man seeks Friend/Man/Woman etc. Other features include a search bar, news aggregation and event calendars.
Croozed selected: Cool Croozed Hot Pick: One Red Paper Clip My name is Kyle MacDonald and I traded one red paperclip for a house. I started with one red paperclip on July 12 2005 and 14 trades later, on July 12, 2006 I traded with the Town of Kipling Saskatchewan for a house located at 503 Main Street. All you java nuts out there looking for a new twist on your cup o’ joe, take a look at This site links coffee drinkers from across the globe, and lets them share the ways they love their morning brew. Users can browse the lists of coffees that others either love or loathe. Coffees are organized into specific categories, such as brand, region, and flavor. Each brew is rated from one to five stars, based on quality, and one to five dollar signs, based on price. Furthermore, there is a recipe section that provides instructions on how to make delicious coffee specialties. Choose which ingredients you would like in your special coffee treat, whether it is chocolate shavings or coffee liquor, and you will be provided with all of the tasty recipes that include that item. Ever wondered if it was moral to castrate your dog, be a Bosnian dude, or exercise when you’re sick? If you’ve wondered about the morality of certain actions, you would do well to check out Moralize. Or take a peek for sheer entertainment. It’s a site that lets users pose questions and you in turn can weigh in with your two cents by deeming the quandary moral or immoral. The current crop of recent moral dilemmas are rather superficial, if not silly (see above), but there are legitimate concerns too. Many of them are touchy subjects, but if you want in on the action, join. It’s free. And moral. Feel like doing a good deed, but too lazy too get out of your chair to make it happen? Well, there’s good news for you then, because now there’s 100Beta, the perfect cure for arm chair philanthropists. You’ll be pleased to know that using 100Beta couldn’t be easier—you don’t even have to leave your couch. Basically, 100Beta is Google. It’s a search engine that’s powered by Google—you’ll get the same results as you would if you used the search giant, however there is one difference: using Beta100 means you’re helping to sponsor poor children—half of the profits go towards helping children. For every user that uses Beta100 for a year, proceeds will go to help sponsor children via World Vision. Using Beta won’t compromise your search in anyway. In fact, you can choose to search the most popular sites on the web—Youtube, Flicker, and Wikipedia—right from the get go. Additionally, there’s a downloadable toolbar for easier access; you can also set Beta100 as your homepage. Have a desire to travel, but don’t know quite where you should go? If so, consult Trazzler. Trazzler’s a new travel site which answers the question ‘Where should I go?”. Trazzler starts out by recommending weekend trips in your area; all trips are designed by experts—these aren’t third party rehashes. Click on a trip and a TripStack containing dozens of trips near you will open up. If you want to find trips in another destination or with another focus, such as culinary delights or snorkeling, simply change browsing modes. Next, you can create a wishlist, telling Trazzler where you’ve been. From this list, Trazzler will build up a stream of recommendations based on your unique travel personality. You can also earn points for each action you perform on the site. These presumably can be traded in later on for prizes. Trazzler’s still in beta, so expect more to come. Registration is free. Blooming Direct is an online floral shop based in the Channel Islands. This small, family-run company has utilized the wonders of the internet to bring the beautiful flowers and plants of the islands to the rest of the world. For several years, Blooming Direct has specialized in mail order and internet retail and production of various types of seeds, flowers, and plants. The diversified virtual store is comprised of various categories of items, including Bouquets, Garden Shrubs, Seeds for Kids, and Hand Tools. As of now, Blooming Direct offers delivery to the Channel Islands, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Eire. Furthermore, to ship purchased items from Blooming Direct to the United Kingdom, there is no associated shipping fee. Finding yourself heading to super discounted food outlets, combing through coupons, and generally not eating so much? These are hard times for folks on a limited budget and food prices aren't helping. MetroSeeq aims to help alleviate some of the economic hurt with a website that does the coupon clipping for you . MetroSeeq is a new site that combines a search engine with Google Maps to help you find sales, deals, coupons and ways to save a buck or two when it comes to food, restaurants, and groceries in your area. There's two ways to search: Proximity and Deal Search. The latter lets you find coupons on a movable, scalable Google map. It works for all cities nationwide. The former, Proximity Search helps you find businesses closest to you and en route to a certain destination making your commute more manageable and efficient. Have you ever wondered about where your opinion stands against the general population? Are your ideas similar to the online community or do they differ greatly? By joining Quenchmark, you can find out how you compare and get answers to all of your topical questions. After you create a topic of interest and add questions to be answered, the online community discusses answers in an open forum. You can then determine your Quenchmark to see how conventional or controversial your answers are. Quenchmark is also a social networking tool that allows you to connect with people who have the same data and ideas and collaborate with others to form a collective think base. The site also allows you to correspond with other users by sending messages. You gotta love iTunes. It's pretty, goes with your iPod, Nano, shiny, new 3G iPhone and comes with it's own vastly stocked store complete with cheap tunes and videos. What's not to like? TuneUp, which just launched publicly, adds to the iTunes arsenal, with a downloadable plugin for cleaning up your musical library. Everybody that's got an iTunes library inevitably has a number of mislabeled songs, missing album covers and a general chaos, because, face it, you didn't exactly buy all your music from the iTunes store, did you? So this is where TuneUp comes in handy. It's partnered with GraceNote, which has amassed an impressive catalogue of over 80 million songs. Using GraceNote, TuneUp delves through your music collection and offers you four options: Although search engines are a dime a dozen, new comer Rexyo offers more than simply seek and find capabilities. This engine, which is currently in beta phase, comes with a bevy of features which complement many 2.0 styled social networks; these include video uploading, chat and user profiles. The search engine in and of itself offers more than most standard engines. Your previous search topics are listed and linked on the right side. Searches may be filtered by language and country. Autocomplete can be switched on and off, as with the secure connection feature. Further filters can be found under Preferences; here you can customize result display options, spell check, highlights, privacy settings, tags, smart menu, and color settings for images, among other things. Five different tabs allow users to specify their search needs: internet, for web based searches, images, documents, videos and chat. To access the chat function, you must be signed up for a Rexyo account. Registration is free. Also an interesting feature is the video face recognition, which allows users to scan their uploaded video for faces.
Croozed selected: Cool ModelMayhem is a site where models, photographers, and make-up artists can create a profile complete with photos of their work and share with others. The site has forums and a casting section where current jobs are posted. Members can contact others to offer them work or to give them advice or input about their portfolio. The site already has a significant number of users and it appears to be functioning well as an online social network for anyone in the modeling industry. There are pretty strict rules about who can join the network, but anyone can go to the site and browse through the constantly updated photos available on the countless user profiles. Wish the web were somehow a little more intelligent? There are plenty of sites hawking stupidity and connections, but sites that are intuitive and cater to your specialized tastes and wants are hard to come by. Luckily, there’s a new site that wants to do just that. It’s called PressFlip and it wants to get to know you better so it can serve you better. It’s a search engine that learns what you like as you search, and the more it learns, the more material it offers you that you actually find interesting. Think of it as intelligent search. Get started by entering any keyword or term and then save that search. As new articles relating to the subject come up, PressFlip will dole them out for free. The New York Times has just launched TimesPeople, its own type of social network for news addicts. This site connects readers with each other with the goal of sharing news stories that users may not otherwise know about. Users take recommendations from other readers, as well as post their own. This site functions not on group of friends, but rather on a network of fellow Times readers. Once users create a TimesPeople account, the site collects the public actions users make on the site. The other readers in the network can choose to see a certain user’s activity, and vice versa, hence allowing for the sharing of NYTimes bites. Users share articles, videos, blog posts, picture slideshows, and comments with others on the TimesPeople network. SnappyFingers is an online searchable database of tons of questions and answers. This tool is indeed a search engine, but not the typical key phrase search tool. To use this site, users enter in a question they wish to have answered, and SnappyFingers searches the web to find a match. SnappyFingers works hard to find a similar question entered elsewhere, as well as provide the user with the related answer to the inquiry. Consulted sources include forums, frequently asked questions links, question and answer links, and various others. Users are also provided with suggestions of “similar questions” for each searched inquiry they enter. A joint project between AOL Games and Weblogs has resulted in the launch of BigDownload, which is a portal for PC gamers that includes free downloads, game reviews and industry news. There are lots of game demos and patches available for download and they can either be searched for by entering a search term or by checking out lists that include “Top 100 Downloads”, “Latest Downloads” and a number of others. The news section of the site contains demo videos and write-ups about upcoming games and users are able to comment and start discussions about any of the latest news. The news section is powered by Joystiq, a popular blogsite that should help to get the site off the ground. Go to a show or concert and there’s always, inevitably merch, or merchandise if you prefer. You’ll find t-shirts, compact discs, pins and buttons, posters and assorted bits and pieces. Naturally, for bands, the concert merch desk offers an effective and easy but rather limited means to sell your goods which is precisely why there’s EvelMerc, an e-commerce vendor specializing in merch, of course. Bands and artists may set up their very own online stores using Evel. EvelMerch makes the setup process extremely easy. They can also design and make the merchandise, for bargain prices. Sign up takes a few moments, and is absolutely free. Fans, meanwhile, can browse stores by artist or label or they can make use of the search bar to find a specific store. EvelMerch ships worldwide and will refund or exchange purchases within ten days of receiving the order. ZombieHarmony would appear to be a bit of a joke of a site that allows zombies to meet other zombies and live happily ever after together. To get started, you need to enter whether you are a slow-moving zombie, a fast-moving zombie, or an immobile one. Next select whether you are interested in gnawing and groaning or in lumbering. Finally select what type of zombie you are looking for and whether they are “freshly turned”, “somewhat rotten”, or “VERY rotten”. Unfortunately, after you have entered the above information nothing happens, and then upon further searching you will realize that this is actually a fun marketing ploy by Mingle2, which is a dating site for non-zombies. Still, a fun page to check out if you have a few extra minutes to spare! A new Canadian based company has jumped on the eCommerce bandwagon and has launched Furious Tees. The site sells t-shirts that are designed to be funny, insulting and clever all simultaneously. For example, one of their intelligent designs feature a picture of Pavlov with a phrase that asks if the name Pavlov rings a bell. However, an amusing design is a picture of four shot glasses with the phrase ¨One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor!¨ with the fourth glass spilled. Furious Tees are selling their shirts for only $19.99 plus shipping and handling and boast the high quality of American Apparel t-shirts used. The homepage features the newest designs but you can also filter by popularity to find what interests you. Path101, a website dedicated to helping people find their best career matches, has just introduced its online personality quiz. This test takes the Path101 service offering a bit further by showing the careers of other people with similar personality traits. The quiz consists of questions based on education, experience, skills, and a personal assessment of behavioral characteristics. The first users to try out the quiz will receive a general personality assessment. As more users log on and take the test, more information will be generated to provide users with more detailed knowledge on what careers others with common personality traits have. Once the adequate amount of participants, a critical mass of 500-1000 people, has participated in the study, Path101 will send updated results via email to users, providing them with more specific career results.